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Engraved HD Motorcycle Natural Wood Back Cover For All iPhones

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  • This wooden phone case is both lightweight and protective. It is composed of natural wood and a high-quality soft TPU (Thermoplastic TPU) backing that is both beautiful and protective. The original wood panel demonstrates its uniqueness. This means that the wood grain of each product is different. Once you receive the product, you will be able to appreciate its individual and natural beauty.
  • Through the use of high-power laser engraving equipment and technology in our laboratory, classic images and personalized patterns can be carved into the wooden panel of our protective case. This is not a simple printing technique; each pattern is carefully calibrated and realistically etched via laser engraving. We hope that the beautiful visuals on the case will lift your spirits every time you see it.
  • We have ergonomically designed the angle of the edge of the wood. All wood pieces are polished by hand twice after CNC cutting to ensure an excellent feel when the product is being held. If you buy a product with an engraved pattern, its three-dimensional etched design will increase the friction coefficient of the product, making it more reliable to hold and less likely to fall during daily use.
  • The double wood+TPU layer provides excellent shock and drop resistance. We have carefully designed every detail of the case to ensure that all of your phone's ports can be accessed normally , and the camera and screen have a targeted elevated case design to ensure that the camera and screen do not directly touch the top of the desk when your phone is placed flat. (Note: This case may be parallel with or below the screen of some curved screen phones.)
  • Our phone case has a built-in magnet (hidden between the wood and the backing), so it is fully compatible with Apple MagSafe wireless magnetic chargers and other third-party QI wireless chargers. (Note: Since the magnetic absorption properties of the product are affected by the wood material, we only ensure that it can connect with magnetic wireless charger products. We do not recommend using it with a magnetic holder in a car or purse as the phone may fall.)