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Double Layer Rope Bracelet

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Metal Color
  • Seeking a healthy lifestyle through hiking, traveling, sailing and all things outdoors speaks volumes about you. And that’s what these Bracelets for Men & Bracelet for Women represents – freedom, minimalism, laid-back vibes and ruggedness.
  • Meticulously handcrafted in Europe, our bracelet for women & Bracelets for Men connects you with all things simplistic yet fashionable. With this on your wrist, you get to stand apart while having something that’s ready to fight the harshest storm with you.
  • This magnetic waterproof clasp will hold onto your wrist in an eternal bond of togetherness, wanderlust, harmony, and companionship.
  • What you seek is seeking you. From black and blue to the seven colors of the rainbow, what you resonate with is waiting for you to pick it up and embellish it on your wrist.
  • This rope bracelet is so sturdy that you can wear it all the time, and its condition won’t deteriorate. And before you buy for yourself or someone else, make sure you choose the right size, so it fits well on your wrist, and stays there for ages to come.