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Black Brown Breathable Motocross Gloves

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  • Replete with air vents to promote optimal airflow, imbues COFIT cycling gloves with the capacity to keep your hands cool and dry, rendering them suitable for use in spring, summer, and fall.
  • The silicone-infused palm provides an anti-slip grip for driving safety, while the anti-friction design between the thumb and index finger boosts longevity and minimizes hand friction.
  • Contains conductive metal fiber on both Index finger and thumb, the gloves work sensitively with all touch screen devices such as phones, and other smart devices.
  • Conductive metal fiber on the fingertips of the index finger and thumb facilitates swiping, tabbing, zooming in, or out of all touch screen devices without removing the gloves.
  • Our motorcycle gloves, made from carbon fiber, provide superior safety with hard shell protection on the back palm, shielding your knuckles and mitigating hand injuries.
  • Suitable for a wide array of activities, including motorcycling, BMX ATV MTB riding, road racing, cycling, motocross, skating, and more. It is the superlative birthday gift option for both men and women.