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30ml Multifunctional Universal Car Anti-Rust Remover

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  • Save time and money - Easily removes fogging, oxidation, rust and fine particles from metal surfaces in no time. Removes rust from metal surfaces without damaging painted surfaces, saving time and money, no more frequent car washes.
  • Restore shine - Multi-Purpose Rust Remover Spray has a polishing effect that dissolves rust and restores your car's shine in minutes. It leaves a thin film of wax on the surface of the car, protecting the surface.
  • Easy rust removal - Simply spray the Rust Remover Spray on your car's wheels to easily remove most rust, spots and stains. It converts existing rust into an inert coating that seals out moisture and prevents future rust.
  • Automotive rust remover spray - Multi-Purpose Metal Rust Remover is the easiest to use, fast drying rust converter available. It helps to create a clean look for your car that shines like new.
  • Versatile use - This multi-purpose rust remover spray can be used on most metal materials including car rims, worktops, dishwashers, oven racks, stainless steel utensils and more. Great for cleaning stains caused by metal hardware, nuts, bolts and other ferrous fittings.